RELEASE 01.06.2018

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The mobile crane business of company Espoon Nosturikeskus Oy Pohjanväre has been sold to Sjöman Helsingin Nosturit Oy on 30.5.2018. In the same context Sjöman is selling their personnel lifts to Pohjanväre.

This mutual transaction aims to remove competitive conditions between the two companies and to develop both companies sales activities in future cooperation.

The purchase strengthens Sjöman’s position in crane business especially in the western Uusimaa -area. In the future Pohjanväre will focus their business on rental and servicing of personnel lifts as well as other construction equipment.

Both companies have operated as pioneers in their branch. Due to the history, the business culture and concept in serving their customers is very similar in both companies. By this transaction and future cooperation, the companies seek for common base for long term developing of their operations in a customer oriented way.

“We want to focus on the business area, which during the past years has grown most in a natural way. We, however want to ensure, that our crane customers will also in the future get skilled and personal service through us. Sjöman was a natural choice as a partner for us”, states the Managing Director and entrepreneur of Pohjanväre-companies Jari Pohjanväre.

”In this transaction one plus one is more than two” says the Managing Director and entrepreneur of Sjöman Helsingin Nosturit Oy Jan Sjöman.

For more information, contact:

Sjöman Helsingin Nosturit Oy
Jan Sjöman
Tel. 0400 425 795
Espoon Nosturikeskus Oy Pohjanväre
Jari Pohjanväre
Tel. 0400 505 700


Background information of companies:

Sjöman Helsingin Nosturit Oy is a family owned crane company having depots in Helsinki and Kotka. Åke Sjöman started business in 1952 and at his time brought the first mobile cranes to Finland. Today Sjöman offers mobile crane services, special transportation, jacking and sliding operations and heavy equipment repair services. Turnover of the concern in 2017 was 10 milj. eur with 70 employees.
Pohjanväre-companies are specialized in rental and servicing of mobile cranes, personnel lifts and construction equipment. Juhani Pohjanväre started renting out working equipment in 1964. Total turnover of Pohjanväre family companies in 2017 was 7,5 milj. eur.